Procurement Disposal

Please read all documents thoroughly on this page before proceeding to the auction page. Thank you for your compliance.

Disposal of Property

Online Sales, Terms, and Conditions

Contract. An award of sale is a contract between the winning bidder and San Carlos Unified School District #20 upon the terms and conditions set forth herein. San Carlos Unified School District #20 may pursue all legal remedies allowed by law against any bidder who fails to make payment for a winning bid. Read more >>>

Auction Payment and Pick-up Procedure

Winning a bid. Once a bidder has won a bid here are instructions for payment and pick-up of bid item. Read more >>>

Auction Disclaimer

Winning a bid. Once a bidder has won a bid here are terms and conditions for the sale. Read more >>>

Pick-up Location

The pick-up location is the San Carlos Unified School District's Central Warehouse at Highway 70 Milepost 270, San Carlos, Arizona 85550.


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Auction Information

Public Surplus is the responsible party in conducting all auctions on behalf of San Carlos Unified School District.

Public Surplus Auction Site

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