Our Administration

Our district administrators and staff dedicate themselves to helping your child receive the best education possible while providing a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. If you have any questions or concerns, or need help with anything, they are happy to help you.

District Office
Phone:    (928) 475-2315
Fax:    (928) 475-2301

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District Office

Dr. Deborah Jackson-Dennison
P: ext. 11010

Evelyn Hinton
Executive Secretary
P: ext. 11009

Perlita Ashkie
Front Desk Receptionist
P: ext. 11000

Donna Manuelito
Asst. Superintendent for Academic Excellence
P: ext. 11208

Levi Frye
Assistant Superintendent of Business
P: ext. 11003

Sharon Nosie
Business Manager
P: ext. 11409

Monica Talkalai
Accounts Payable
P: ext. 11209

Christine Carlson
Federal Programs Coordinator
P: ext. 11422

Cheryl Mae Haozous
P: ext. 11425

Roberta Belvado
SAIS Coordinator
P: ext. 11405

Tinamarie Cutter
Data Specialist
P: ext. 11406

Jasvir Sethi
Human Resources Director
P: ext. 11002

Leroy Gustina
P: ext. 11000

Pamela Holmes
HR Secretary
P: ext. 11001

Fernando Kayson
P: ext. 11000

Melvalena Kitcheyan
P: ext. 11411

Martin Leyva
Food Services Director
P: ext. 11405

Kris Swatski
Facilities Director
P: ext. 15028

Willard Haozous
P: ext. 11000

Rodrick Patterson
P: ext. 11000

Jendean Sartain
District RN
P: ext 11207

Karen Natsyn
Special Education Director
P: ext. 11111
Tufa Stone

Jendean Sartain
District RN
P: ext. 11207

Karen Natsyn
Special Education Director
P: ext. 11111

Veronica Belvado-Kitcheyan
Office Manager Special Education
P: ext. 11108
Technology Center

Gary Jeltsch
IT Support
P: ext. 11060

Steve Key
IT Support
P: ext. 11605

Curtis Nevarez
IT Support
P: ext. 15060

Mary Kay Stevens
P: ext. 11604

Robert Chee Jr.
P: ext. 15021

Heather Haozous
Transportation Receptionist
P: ext. 15020

Richard Rope
P: ext. 15020

Stephan Tessay
Diesel Mechanic
P: ext. 15020

Kris Swatski
Facilities Director
P: ext. 15028

Mike Humphrey
Water Systems Operator
P: ext. 15026

Nathan Sehongva
Warehouse Specialist
P: ext. 15027

Laura Michelle Molina
Warehouse Assistant
P: ext. 15025

Steve Dona
Grounds Keeper
P: ext. 15027
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Our Staff

Without a doubt, the administrators, teachers, and staff members contribute their best efforts to make San Carlos Unified School District a great place for your children to learn. You will find contact information for our outstanding teachers and staff members for each campus below.